A Minute’s Silence (2016)

A Minute’s Silence

The end of a summer, a sleepy fishing port on the Baltic Sea and the beginning of a great feeling that must not be: Shortly before the start of the new school year, the 18-year-old Christian falls in love with his new English teacher Stella Petersen. In a moment of unexpected lightness and freedom, in the dunes and seascape far away from the small town, Stella and Christian discover a shared longing and an attraction to each other, the intensity of which both overwhelmed. But soon after class has begun again, the secret relationship between the young teacher and her pupil threatens the scandal ...

Release: Jun 25, 2016

Duration: 1h 29m

Genres: Drama, Romance, TV Movie

Country: Germany

Quality: HD

Actors: Julia Koschitz, Jonas Nay, Uwe Preuss, Thure Lindhardt, Alexander Held

Director: Thorsten Schmidt

IMDb: 5.6/10